Lone Star mastiffs

The first time we saw a Mastiff in person we were hooked.  We had never seen such a majestic dog and knew we had to have one.  That began an exhaustive search for the first of many Mastiffs we have shared our hearts and homes with. 

     Megan was our first Mastiff.  She appearing in ads for Petland and guest starred on several TV shows.  She visited nursing homes and had such a sweet personality you couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  My children grew up with Megan as their patient babysitter.  When my son had major surgery at 7 years old, Megan served as his walker.  She would stay by his side 24 hours a day so she didn’t miss an opportunity to help him.  Megan passed away after more than 13 years with us.  We still miss her every day.

     Fortunately Megan passed her personality on to her offspring.  CH Lone Star Senorita Sonita “Rita” was definitely her mother’s daughter.  Rita was a 220 pound lap dog!  To prove what a docile personality Rita had, you can look at the pictures in the Mastiff slide show of Rita nursing a baby raccoon!  Someone brought our vet an orphaned newborn raccoon.  Rather than put it to sleep, he thought Rita might accept it as one of her new litter.  To our amazement she did!  Rita passed away at 12 years old, one week to the day after her best friend, Buster died.  He died peacefully in his sleep after 10 1/2 years by my side.

     Busters registered name was CH Pallones Bunker Buster RE, CGC.  Buster was a beautiful fawn boy with a perfect scissor bite, huge head and massive body.  If you saw the Armor All commercial with the Mastiff, that was Buster.  He is also the Mastiff on the Dog Park billboards with my Dad, Actor Barry Corbin (Buster’s official owner). Buster was extremely gentle with children and small animals.  He even served as a jungle gym for our 3 pound Maltese!  He was everything I could dream of in terms of a beautiful, sweet stud and he passed on his amazing disposition to his offspring. 

Thank you Deborah Pallone enough for letting Buster share his life with us.  We also would like to thank our handler, Shae Beck, who does an amazing job with all of our babies in the show ring!  

We started breeding in 1995.  We only breed our girls once a year, or less if I don’t have time to dedicate 100% of my time to the babies once they are born.  Quite a few of our babies go to show homes, but many also go to home where they are members of the family.  It is very important to us to pass down the personalities and appearance of our past dogs.

We searched years for the perfect boy to add to our breeding program when Buster retired.  Not finding exactly what we wanted in the US, we looked in Europe and Canada.  Rockport’s Doctor Do Little. “Doc” was well worth the wait!  Doc was an import who comes from the best English and Canadian lines.  His mother, father and grandparents are all gorgeous, 200+ pound Mastiffs with classic heads and bodies.  You can see his parents and grandparents on the Ancestors page.  Doc was the true definition of a “Gentle Giant”.  He even won a spot in the 2013 Mastiff calendar with one of his puppies.  He loved when the puppies arrived and waited patiently until they were old enough to play with him. 

Tex (CH Corbins Big Tex of Lone Star) is a gorgeous fawn boy who completed his Championship before his 1st birthday and his Grand Championship by 15 months.  Felix is our newest imported boy.  He is a very dark brindle out of exceptional French, English and Argentenian lines.

Next we have the girls. Kitty was our first brindle. She is an apricot brindle from Rockport/Falcon lines and she has a sweet, calm personality.  She is on the cover of the 2012 City of Arlington calendar.  Abby and Grace are Buster & Rita’s fawn daughters. 

Our apricot, Lone Star Lazi Dazi, is from some of the best US lines, including  Groppetti, Pallone and Greiner Hall.  Rozi (Lone Star Yella Rose of Rockport) is Doc and Dazi’s daughter.  You can watch her grow on the “1st Year” page.  She has matured into a beautiful girl and is a perfect combination of her parents...

Doc is on the left, Dazi in the middle, and Rozi on the right, all at 8 weeks old.


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